Allwater:  Allwater Vehicle

This board is designed to do everything very well.

First and foremost, it is made to ride waves and has a huge range of high-performance under its hood. It’s very stable and has a ton of glide when you paddle it. But with the 3-D Redtip fin set up it is still very maneuverable and smooth in surf from ankle high to triple overhead. We have combined a very subtle constant rocker and rolled V all the way through the board to give it amazing glide and maneuverability. The rails are left thinner for sensitivity and the ability to maneuver quickly at high or low speeds. This is the Cadillac of the line with smooth and buttery response in any situation and the horse power to get you where you want to go. Ride it up to 11 feet and hang with the race boards while touring and then, out surf them on the way in. My ideal size is 3-4 feet taller than my height. I find it gives me enough glide to get where I am going in a hurry and it will surf everything from 1 foot to 20 foot faces. This is the most versatile board I own of any kind.

Custom starting at $2,000 / Carbon Inegra $2,500

Call (619) 993-9949 To Custom Order

Suggested Dimensions

8’0 x 28.5″ x 4″ (105.4L)
8’6 x 28.75″ x 4″ (113.4L)
9’0 x 29″ x 4″ (121.4L)
9’6 x 29.25″ 4.25″ (137.2L)
10’0 x 29.5″ x 4.38″ (150.3L)
10’6 x 30″ x 4.5″ (165.0L)