Allwater:  Brother Ray

The Brother Ray is my breakthrough board. It was the one that I first tried the V3-Concave in and it was a mind blowing breakthrough in performance for me.

The one that I ride is 7′ x 27” it’s my favorite for really flat faced mushy waves because it skates around like a little short surfboard and is really maneuverable. I have had great success enlarging this board for people who are just getting good at stand up surfing.

My patent pending V3-Concave makes the board very stable while standing and very maneuverable while riding. For me it was a giant breakthrough in performance and stability. My quest was always to be able to surf like the pros but I simply couldn’t balance on the equipment that they use. So I set out to make A board that is stable when paddling and maneuverable when you’re riding it.

Brother Ray is the best of both worlds. I have friends coming off of 9′-10’ and 32″ wide boards onto a scaled up version for them (7’10” x 31 1/2″ x 4 5/8″ ballpark 126 L.) These boards are super stable and paddle well yet they ride like a short surfboards especially in small waves. They allow you to link turns rail to rail and skate down the line and over flat spots in the wave. There also light easy to move around and store and they fit in many peoples cars which is always a bonus.

I’ve added a blunt nose for functionality. It allows you more stability and maneuverability. The wider arc tail adds a lot of stability to the board and a lot of acceleration and drive as you put the board on rail and engage the two points at either end of the arc.

Custom starting at $2,000 / Carbon Inegra $2,500

Call (619) 993-9949 To Custom Order

Performance Feedback

Ride this board shorter for stability.

Rails: Medium Full
Bottom: V3-Concave
Rocker: Gradual Entry to Accelerated Tail Rocker

Suggested Dimensions

7’0″ x 27.5″ x 4.25″ (96.1L)
7’5″ x 28.25″ x 4.50″ (108.9L)
7’10” x 31.5″ x 4.56″ (126.8L)
8’4″ x 31.50″ x 4.71″ (140.7L)